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(Improved Quality of Life of Families with HIV+)
at Dhulagarh, Howrah district Sponsored by : PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt. Ltd. Facilitated by: West Bengal Voluntary Health Association (WBVHA) Implemented by: Howrah Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (HNP+)



·      Initial Interventions:

–          Assessment of nutritional status and dietary requirement of members of 30 families of PLWHAs.

•    Distribution of food – rice, pulse, oil, soybean, chhattu – one meal per head per day.

•                                  Monitoring of BMI status [weight in kg/(height in mtr)2]


·      Added Interventions:

–          Promotion of kitchen garden, supply of seeds and sapling

–          Promotion of healthy hygiene practice – healthy food habit and cooking practice

–          Promotion of safe water for drinking, cooking and other purposes

–          Monitoring of CD4 Count

–          Prevention of Opportunistic Infection

–          Regular Deworming

–          Promotion of household latrine

–          Practice of hand-wash before and after meal and after defecation

–          Maintenance of Menstrual Hygiene

–          Life Skill education for Adolescents

–          Creation of Seed Bank

–          Awareness and monitoring on Safe Water – both for drinking and other purposes

–          Supply of halogen tablets

–          Promotion of water filter

–          Promotion of smokeless chullah

·      Achievements

–          Improved nutritional status

–          Beneficiaries have gained self-confidence

–          Improved negotiation skill with government for their entitlements



So far, the project supported 104 students from 52 (current and phased out) families, with education materials, school uniform and free coaching classes.

–          Each student is assessed through periodical written test.

–          Ex-students are engaged as coaching teacher. One is taking dance classes  for the students

–          5 students re-enrolled from the 13 drop-out cases

–          12 students (1 re-enrolled) appeared and successfully passed out Madhyamik (Board exam)  - 2012 – 1; 2013 – 3; 2014 – 2; 2015 – 2; 2016 – 4

–           Amit Santra obtained 81% marks in Madhyamik Exam 2016.

–          3 appeared in Higher Secondary Examination (2015 – 2, 2016 – 1) and successfully passed out.

–          In 2017-18, 10 students will appear for Madhyamik examination and 2 for HS Examination.

–          2 are in service now; 1 is undergoing for a vocational training (beautician)

–          Educational tours was organized at different time at Nehru Children Museum, Birla Industrial and Technological Museum, Indian Museum and Birla Planetarium

–          Students of phased families are still supported with educational materials.







·      10 Beneficiaries were started with Tailoring training. 4 had completed and were engaged in production.

-                         They have stitched 100 aprons for PepsiCo and 25 for another company.

-                         They also stitched school uniforms for the students.

-                         All of them are still engaged in the tailoring at their respective locality

·      9 families were supported with goats. They were specially trained on rearing the goats, their care and necessary insurance.

·      5 families received goats from old beneficiaries, 1 is yet to receive



·      Training of Staff Members on

–          Result Based Management

–          Organisational Development

–          Development of Reporting Format

–          Data collection from field on utilisation and beneficiaries view on the services

–          Writing of Case Stories

·      Introduction of Peer Counseling

–          A new concept of group formation has been introduced in the IQLFH Project.

–          4 Groups have been formed (each consists of 7- 8 members)

–          Groups are facilitated by field assistants.

–          These groups are functional as peer group to monitor the quality performance of their members like – absenteeism of students in coaching; timely doing of CD4, ART; etc.

·      Achievement of group

–          Motivated one member to regularize her treatment

–          Steps to avoid irregularity and timely attendance at coaching classes

–          One member has constructed toilet by pressure of other members

–          Better inter-personal understanding about their status

Improvement of living standards

·                                   Repairing of rooms

·                                   Construction kitchen room & boundary wall

·                                   5 beneficiaries constructed latrine in last three years from contribution fund

·                                   New water connection

·                                   Savings for education

·           Enlistment of 7 beneficiaries in State Assisted Scheme of Provident Fund for Unorganised Workers (SASPFUW) & Bank Account

·                                   Purchase of necessary items like mobile phone, gas oven, cupboard, etc.

·                                   Accessing of various govt. Supports meant for PLWHAs

·                                   Treatment support from contribution fund for 3 beneficiaries

6 HNP+ members (non-beneficiaries) have agreed to support the program