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• West Bengal Voluntary Health Association (WBVHA) established in 1974 is a charitable, non-profit making and secular organization.

• WBVHA is a state level health promoting agency to provide support service for the promotion and implementation of basic health care services.

• It operates with the active support and involvement of NGOs / CBOs and community groups like SHGs and co-operation from Government and corporate sector.

• The primary objectives of WBVHA are to promote community health, social justice and human rights related to the provision and distribution of health services


Making health and social awareness a reality to the people seeking assistance to improve the quality of life free from any bondage and social injustice.


Create a positive attitude among people to adopt a multi-factor approach in order to facilitate health with rights, dignity and social human face.

WBVHA Philosophy

What is our new Vision of health care? What makes it appealing? All we have to say is contained in the simple words: "Community Health". Well being with the community. Our goal is a healthy community. Our aim is to maintain the health of the community. We promote Social Justice through the provision and distribution of health care. We believe in People. We work with people. We believe that people grow better when they are encouraged to do whatever they can for themselves. We hope that good health will become reality for all the people of West Bengal. We say that Tax Money marked for health must be reasonably shared with all the people. It is mainly the Government's duty to provide health services for the people. We have made it our duty to help the Govt. reach the people and vice versa. Persons, associations classed as 'Voluntary' (Self willed) have a great opportunity to help people to see the value of good health. We help them to take advantage of health services. It is good for us to encourage people to demand health services as a Human Right. The health services we speak of are mainly Basic or Primary. These most commonly meet the needs of the largest number of people. We believe in Referral System. Primary health care is the base of the pyramid. This is most important. But it rises towards better health and health education.


Health is not everything but - Everything is nothing without good health. Good health means, access to food, safe drinking water, sanitation, good environment, shelter, education, preventive health knowledge, affordable & good health care in sickness.

Alma-Ata-declaration defined health as, "complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." This is the fundamental human right and that the attainment of this highest possible level and health is a most important worldwide social goal whose realization requires the action of many other social and economic sectors in addition to the health sector.