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This is an Report of the West Bengal Voluntary Health Association’s project, “HIV/AIDS Mainstreaming in Darjeeling District” sponsored and supported by Mennonite Central Committee India.  The Annual Report covers the activities which commenced in April 2015-2016.

HIV/AIDS Mainstreaming among the HIV/AIDS infected & affected people.


Objective of the Project

·         To disseminate the right concept among the PLHIV regarding the HIV/AIDS.

·         To disseminate the right concept among the family members of PLHIV regarding the HIV/AIDS.

·         To aware the PLHIV as well as the family members regarding the services available in Govt. level for PLHIV             and develop confident to take the services.

·         To develop the skill & confidence of the PLHIV to maintain their health, hygiene & protection form Opportunistic Infections.

·         To develop confident among the PLHIV to act as general people without stigma & discrimination.

·         To build up network with the different stakeholders/CKI’s (Community Key Influencers).


Strategy of Implementation

·         Conducted different training, meeting, awareness Programme. Social/community events.

·         Provided Medical, Educational and Nutrimix supports.

·         Conducted need & request Based programmes.

·         Through networking with different govt. & non govt. sectors.

·         Provided Income Generation Programme (IGP) Support among the HIV infected people.



·         9 Gram Panchayats in Rajganj Block of Jalpaiguri District.

·         14 added ward of Siliguri Municipal Corporation (under Rajgunj block).


Results Achieved

·         PLHIV has been build up their skill & gain confidence to maintain health, hygiene and importance to regular take the ART medicine.

·         PLHIV’s family members are now taking proper care and support to PLHIV.

·         PLHIV’s, are now in close contact with different service providers like Jalpaiguri Society for People Living with HIV/AIDS, ART Centre, Panchayats, & other service providers to access their rights.

·         PLHIV are now ready to participate in social events & share their views with each others.

·         Through intake of Nutrimix (supplementary food) seems to be very fruitful as per the BMI of PLHIV.


No. of People Benefited

·         345 no. of project participants have been Trained  & sensitized 

·         3 no. of project participants were running Income Generation Programme.

·         843 no. of participants were attended in different awareness programmes & community events.

·         17 no. of participants have been received Nutrimix (Supplementary Food) support.

·         65 no. of participants have been received Emergency Medical Supports.

·         17 no. of participants have been received Education Supports.





Govt. Cooperation

·         District Health & Family Welfare Dept., North Bengal Medical College & Hospital, Dept. of Agriculture, Govt. of West Bengal, Block Development Officer, all 9 Gram Panchayats, ICDS etc.

·         Minister in Charge, Dept. of Tourism, Govt. of West Bengal.


Sustainability issues and concerns

·         The project participants have built-up their skills & capacity for how they will live a normal life in future with the help of different service providers.

·         Mental Health problems are increasing day by day so the need of intervention is felt by the team.

·         The staff members of HIV/AIDS project have gained knowledge, skills from this project which will be helpful for them in future.