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Peace Building & Training Program among the Youth of Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri District.


Peace building aims to resolve injustice in nonviolent ways and to transform the structural conditions that generate deadly conflict. Peace building can include conflict prevention; conflict management; conflict resolution and transformation, and post-conflict reconciliation. 


The aim of the Peace building and Conflict Resolution training is to strengthen the peace making capacity among youths in three districts of North Bengal. The target beneficiaries of the training are the members of organizations, students, groups and individuals.


Objective of the Project:


·  An awareness of the potential strategic role as peace promoters in 3 Districts of North Bengal

·  A space for critical reflection on the concepts of peace and peace building

·  A better understanding of peace building dynamics and insight into concepts and various approaches to           conflict transformation tailored to their specific peace building needs.

·  Knowledge of practical tools to contribute to the process of conflict transformation, that can enhance the     capacity of peace builders operate more efficiently in their peace building endeavors.

·  An introduction to potentially strategic partners and networks necessary for an effective peace building             operation



Activities at a glance:


·   5Days Residential Training of Trainers. Total participants-18

·   3 days Residential Training on Peace building in Darjeeling District with 26 participants

·   3 days Residential Training on Peace building in Jalpaiguri  District with 28 participants

·   2-Days Residential Follow-up Training Program in Peace building Darjeeling District for 11 participants

·   Celebration International Day of Peace through Rally and 250 people were actively participated in rally          

·   Awareness Program on Peace building  (2728 participants were there in awareness program from                     Community level and School level)

·   Counseling at Family Level.( 20 families were covered)


Learning of participants


Youths have gain knowledge and skills on Peace building through Peace building Training FGDs (focus group discussion), awareness program, one to one contact etc.


·   For learning the skills of Mediation process, Culture of peace through role play activities, how to conduct                 seminar, awareness program and workshop, and learning for how to create positive and peaceful community           form natural materials.

·   Review skill and knowledge for how to maintain records on conflict, conflict mapping, conflict tree, process of           Peace building and development an action plan and teach them to fulfil the gaps through follow-up training.

·   Through Counseling we tried to sort-out family and society conflicts and maintain peace and harmony in                 society.


Project location:


The project is implemented in Darjeeling & Jalpaiguri districts.


Govt. Cooperation

Various government departments and officials were linked with the with program for their active involvement in the process. They are


·  BDO Naxalbari and BDO Kharibari.

·  SSB, Police.

·  Pradhan Upper Bagdogra, Lower Bagdogra, Hatigisha, Khoribari, Matigara. Phansidewa & Binnabari.

·  NSS Unit, Siliguri College

·  Headmaster of School, School Teachers,



Sustainability issues and concerns


·  The project participants are build-up their skills & capacity for how to resist early age marriage, drug             addiction, and to be inspired for higher levels of educational attainment.

·   Personal, family and social conflicts were resolved by changing mentality, perspectives and so on.

·   About peace builders in Darjeeling & Jalpaiguri district are actively participating in various peace           events.  Many of them have been able to ease the turmoil of personal life.