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Goal of the Project:

Empowered SHG women under SHG-led Goatery Cluster will own and continue goat rotation activity to promote socio-economic development of vulnerable women residing in Paikpara and Bahadurpur GP of Lalgola Block.


Project Objective:

1.   Continue to provide handholding cum monitoring support to old beneficiaries under the project

2.   Organize and strengthen SHGs to continue Goatery program.

3.   Capacity building of SHG to foster ownership of ongoing intervention

4.   Facilitate SHGs to foster liaison with government especially with BLDO to avail benefits of various government schemes

5.   Assist SHG to develop a network of SHG. Goatery Cluster to promote sustenance

6.   Create a system to develop goat revolving fund through SHG Goatery cluster

7.   Build capacity of SHG Goatery cluster to continue goat rotation activity beyond project period

8.   A supportive supervision system to be in place to ensure systematic execution of the planned intervention at the community level


Steps of implementation:

1.  Build rapport with pradhan of GP and panchayat members of intervention villages

2.  Home visit to discuss about the project objective

3.  Organize community awareness on project activity involving key stakeholders with active engagement of SHG in intervention villages

4.  Mobilize SHGs to share benefits of Goatery program

5.  Prepare a database of old and new beneficiaries and keep a track of their goats rearing activity and probable goat returning date for goat rotation activity

6.  Fostering strong linkages with BLDO and local Prani Bandhu in connection with promotion of goatery activity

7.  Build capacity of SHGs in collaboration with BLDO/Prani Bandhu on successful implementation of Goatery project.

8.  Organize monthly meeting of SHG beneficiaries to review and extend assistance in connection with goatery Program

9.  Facilitate timely vaccination camp with support of BLDO/Prani bandhu in target villages

10. Organize goat rotating activity with active involvement of SHG and BLDO

11. Orient and motivate selected SHG members about the benefits of forming of SHG-Goatery cluster to ensure sustenance of this goatery program

12.  Maintain all the register/records and books of accounts related to ongoing intervention

13.  Prepare and share monthly  as well as quarterly progress report along with expenditure statement to WBVHSA office

14.  Carry out supportive supervision



Location of the project:


The Project is implemented in Bahadurpur and Paikpara GP of Lalgola Block of Murshidabad District. GP wise village details are given below


Government cooperation:

1.  Strengthen linkages with BLDO to improve Goatery program

2.  SHG members have reported enhanced relationship with local Prani bandhu in connection with timely vaccination program for goat rearing activity

3.   Improved relationship with pradhan and local panchayat members concerning various developmental initiatives with special focus on goatery activity


Sustainability issues and concerns:

1.  Formation and functioning of SHG Goatery cluster to continue goat rotating activity

2.  Equipping selected SHG members to own and carry out Goatery activity under SHG Goatery Banner

3.  An integrated system is developed to ensure timely monitoring, extend support, enhance linkages and carry out Goatery activity under join collaboration between WBVHA and SHG-Goatery Cluster

4.  Due to severe COVID-19 outbreak in Murshidabad District, government has declared it as a Red zone. Total lockdown is implemented till October, and main restrictions have been imposed in any kind of movements. No health meetings have been conducted considering the health situation of workers and SHG members.


No. of People benefitted:

1.  43 needy women from SHGs have been benefited under goat re-distribution event

2.  1312 members of SHGs have been oriented about the basic understanding of the said intervention through home visit

3.  Around 650 members were imparted in health education program on basic health hygiene practices, WASH, Anemia control

4.  10 members from 10 SHGs are linked with BLDO and received 80 chicks

5.  105 members were participated in government training program under Anandadhara scheme

One health check up camp and vaccination camp is organized in collaboration with government department