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It is heartening that now in all health forums; the social determinants dimension of health is well recognized. Millennium Development Goals are a very important move in that direction. It is true that many people still live in extreme poverty, lack access to safe drinking water, suffer due to lack of regular access to reliable energy services. Problem relating to illiteracy still remain high in many places. Access to vocational skill for livelihood is very much in need. Access to good nutritious food is still a problem in many areas. Above all lack of felt access to affordable health care and health education problem needs no mention as peoples felt need. Until we have made significant progress on these critical areas, health will remain a distant dream for millions of people all over the world. We have only few years left to reach the goal to villages and slums.


From all available information, statistics and data, it is obvious that non-communicable disease will be a significant threat for the health status of our people. We need to work much more proactively for Health Promotion and Prevention. Having seen the reality in the field, experiencing the need, possibilities and guided by the belief that change is possible and every life has equal value, WBVHA works to help people with focus to those, who are poor, unreached, marginalized and vulnerable to lead healthy & productive lives, through some activities as stated in this report during the year. WBVHA focuses on improving people’s health and giving them the chance to lift themselves out of ill health, lack of education, hunger and extreme poverty by creating access to opportunities in selected geographical areas for Health, Education and Livelihood with the active involvement and participation of CBOs, SHGs & Community and in cooperation with the Local Government. WBVHA started in 1974 and in this year 2017 WBVHA is completing 43 years in service. In the last few years we have gained experience and insight to plan projects well and implement to achieve good results. The family of WBVHA has grown by now having committed and competent staff members, now moving towards the path of Consolidation, innovation and sustainability. WBVHA is Privileged to work with State Govt., Central Govt., International Organizations and Corporate Sectors.

The work of WBVHA has earned good results in the field in terms of –
• Health Promotion & Care
• Income Generation & Livelihood
• Access to Safe Drinking water
• Basic Health
• Arsenic Mitigation & Water testing
• Publication
• NGO Support Service Training
• Facilitation Service
• Providing Resource person & Faculty members
• Student Exchange.
• Ambulance Service (Nischay Jan)
• Training of ASHA’s
• Training & Service Centre, Kolkata
• Sebayan Rehabilitation cum Training Centre in Bagdogra, Siliguri, District Darjeeling.
• Training & Retreat Centre at Malbazar, District Jalpaiguri
• Survey, Research & Need Assessment service to NGOs & others.
Project Monitoring and Evaluations were conducted on projects by WBVHA as well as Donors and Consultants. The recommendations are viewed and taken in terms of consolidation & greater leadership seriously and strategies are built to act upon for good and sustainable Results.

Issue of sustainability of our work received the attention of WBVHA larger family and the matter was being discussed, looked into and slow but steady steps were taken to ensure sustainability in the coming years pertaining to:-

1)            Human Development

2)            System Development


3)            Fund Generation

We did more and gone ahead for effective implementation of projects for good results thus moved towards growth and sustainability. We appreciate the sincere and hard work of Dept. Heads, Team Members and Consultants of WBVHA, and partner organizations.

We are indeed grateful to the Board Members of WBVHA for their whole hearted cooperation, support and guidance. We are grateful to all our supporters and donors for their effective guidance and support.

We look forward to receive full cooperation & support from people, organizations newly associated, long time associated and going to be associated in the days to come to continue the journey of our work of providing service to the people for making health, education and livelihood a reality and adding values to life.

WBVHA is open with the idea of learning and co-operating to bring good social ideas for good health from different success full experiments tried in different parts of the world and use it to innovate our process of thinking and doing.

We at WBVHA reaffirm our commitment to the vision of WBVHA at the international, national, state and community level.

We reaffirm our dedication to high principles and objectives of our organization and pledge to meet with renewed vigor the challenge of working together for health, education & livelihood towards adding values to life.

Thank you,      


D.P. Poddar