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West Bengal Voluntary Health Association (WBVHA)was registered as social organisation in the year 1974, envisions to create a society where every one has the access to affordable quality health and health care especially for the vulnerable section of the community. 

The organization seeks sustainable solution of health and health care problem through active community participation with the support of government.WBVHA over the last few decades has been working closely with national, international stakeholders,  various government departments, community platoforms.


Our goal is healthy community and our aim is to maintain the health of the community.The notion of community participation and Sustainable Development Goal is followed and respected by WBVHA to guide all Programme in its efforts to strengthen primary health care in the communities where it is active.


Covid 19 pandemic appeared is a big and deadliest public helath challenge for all player in public heath. It imposes huge burden on idviduals, communities, halth system and economics.WBVHA with its whole hearted effort try to support vulnerable section of community with livelihood support, awareness, and supplying of mask sanitizers in one hand and on the other worked closely with government health system and other government bodies to identify covid patient and linking them with health sytem, organise RTPCR test camp at GP level, support in organizing  vaccination camp, running of quarantine centres, supplying of covid protective materials for health workers etc. Responses during any emergency whether it be pandemic or any natural calamity, WBVHA always stood behind the vulnerable community to support them to live with dignity.


WBVHA focuses on improving people’s health and giving them the chance to lift themselves out of ill health, hunger, lack of extreme poverty by creating access to opportunities in selected geographical areas with the active involvement and participation of CBOs, SHGs and community and in cooperation with the local government for maintaining  the core value of WBVHA which is “sustainability’’.


In this year 2021 WBVHA is completing 47 years in service. From the time of birth of WBVHA till now, the family of WBVHA has grown considerably and having committed and competent staff members who are moving towards the path of consolidation, innovation and sustainability..We appreciate the sincere and hard work of department heads, team members, consultants, partners, organizations forums, SHG members, well wishers, experts and resource persons associated with WBVHA.


WBVHA is privileged to work with State government, Central government, International organizations and corporate sectors, CBOS, SHGs and other community groups. WBVHA was privileged to serve in government committees and few organizations committee for mutual learning and sharing for more effective work. Few advisors of repute are associated with WBVHA too to guide our present thinking and doing our work including innovation.


We are indeed grateful to our Board members for their whole hearted cooperation, support and guidance. We are also grateful to all our supporters, donors, faculty members and advisers for their effective guidance and support.


Thank you,       




D.P. Poddar