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WBVHA was registered with Govt. as social organisation in the year 1974 with a very humble beginning and there after WBVHA has been able to survive, grow and came to this level where we are today due to our deep commitment for the growth of WBVHA and rendering effective services for community health and development.

The journey of WBVHA started in the year 1979 and passed through many tough challenges but did not give up. More so, WBVHA has been able to create its own office and two residential training centres in Bagdogra, Siliguri and Malbazar, Jalpaiguri to assist government program and non-profit organizations work in the field of Community health & development.


The vision of WBVHA in health care which is very appealing to us is contained in the simple word “Community Health”. Our goal is healthy community and our aim is to maintain the health of the community.. We hope that Basic health become reality for all the people of West Bengal and wish specially those who are in much need. We have made it our duty to help the government to reach the people and vice versa


Health is not everything but everything is nothing without good health. Good health means access to food, safe drinking water, sanitation, good environment, shelter, education, and preventive health knowledge, affordable and good health care in sickness. This notion of community participation and Sustainable Development Goal is followed and respected by WBVHA to guide all Programme in its efforts to strengthen primary health care in the communities where it is active. WBVHA is also ensuring all people’s access to Promotive, Preventive, Curative, Rehabilitative and Palliative health services of sufficiently good quality and also to enable people to be more productive and not being pushed into poverty as mentioned in “Universal Health Coverage” (UHC) by WHO.


It is heartening that now in all forums; the social determinants dimensions of health are well recognized. Social development goals are very important move in that direction. It is true that many people still live in extreme poverty, lack access to safe drinking water, suffer due to lack of regular access to reliable energy services, access to vocational skill for livelihood, access to good nutritious food, access to affordable health care, health education, mental health issues, NCDs and other health issues. Until we made significant progress on those areas, good health will remain a distant dream for millions of people in our land of living.


WBVHA focuses on improving people’s health and giving them the chance to lift themselves out of ill health, hunger, lack of extreme poverty by creating access to opportunities in selected geographical areas with the active involvement and participation of CBOs, SHGs and community and in cooperation with the local government for maintaining  the core value of WBVHA which is “sustainability’’


In this year 2020 WBVHA is completing 46 years in service. In the last few years we have gained experience and insight to better understand situation at community level and to design project well to achieve good results. From the time of birth of WBVHA till now, the family of WBVHA has grown considerably and having committed and competent staff members who are moving towards the path of consolidation, innovation and sustainability.


WBVHA is privileged to work with State government, Central government, International organizations and corporate sectors, , CBOS, SHGs and other community groups. WBVHA was privileged to serve in government committees and few organizations committee for mutual learning and sharing for more effective work. Few advisors of repute are associated with WBVHA too to guide our present thinking and doing our work including innovation.


In the year 2019-20, WBVHA worked together for health, education, livelihood towards adding values to life through different projects as following:


1.     Basic Health Care Support Programme (BHCSP) – Implemented in 4 districts ( South, North 24 Parganas, Howrah and Darjeeling).

2.     Improved Quality of Life of Families with HIV+ (IQLFH), Howrah-  Supporting 30 Families with 57 HIV+ people with nutrition, education, knowledge on healthy living and linking them with government services

3.     HIV/AIDS Mainstreaming Project -Supporting 200 families in Kurseong and Siliguri Subdivision.

4.     Nischoy Yan project, Siliguri and Jalpaiguri- providing free Ambulance service for pregnant and children upto one year age. 15500 people were benefitted from the service.

5.     ASHA 6th and 7th Module Training, Jalpaiguri and Alipurduar- Total ASHA trained 2000 from Jalpaiguri, Darjeeling and Alipurduar District.

6.     Flying Sex Worker (FSW) Project, Siliguri- covering 6629 with whom we have regular contact

7.     Sustainable Access to Safe Drinking Water through  SHGs (ASDW), - Implemented in 10 Tribal villages of 2 GPs  in Malbazar block, Jalpaiguri covering 200 households and 1340 population are directly benefitted.

8.     Poverty Alleviation Programme through Goatery, Lalgola, Murshidabad- implemented in 18 villages of 2 GPs of Lalgola. Support 49 SHGs

9.     Poverty Alleviation Programme through Tailoring, Lalgola, Murshidabad-60 trainee were enrolled and 20 trainee successfully completed and adopted tailoring as livelihood and earning Rs 500/- to Rs. 1500/- per month.

10.  Consultancy support to NGOs (need assessment, project design, monitoring of services, Impact assessment, evaluation services.


WBVHA did its best and gone ahead for effective implementation of projects for good results thus moving towards sustainability. We appreciate the sincere and hard work of department heads, team members, consultants, partners, organizations forums, SHG members, well wishers, experts and resource persons associated with WBVHA.


In the journey of WBVHA towards achieving its vision and mission, not only provided support services for the promotion and implementation of universal health/ Basic health care and also generated capacity for health promotion especially through community support groups, community initiatives in health promotion through close intersectoral collaboration and community mobilization which have been show cased for replication and widely appreciated.


We are indeed grateful to our Board members for their whole hearted cooperation, support and guidance. We are also grateful to all our supporters, donors, faculty members and advisers for their effective guidance and support.


WBVHA is also open with the idea of sharing its learning and the result of work at different forums VIZ. State level, National level, international level. WBVHA is privileged to have co-operations from organizations of national and international repute namely All Indian Institute of Hygiene &Public Health (AIIH&PH), Institute of Tropical Medicines (ITM) Belgium, and Indian Statistical Institution (ISI).


We also reaffirm our dedication to high principles and objectives of our organization and pledge to meet with renewed vigour and the challenges of working together for health, education and livelihood towards adding values to life and creating sustainable models, upscale it and replicating as well.


Thank you,       




D.P. Poddar